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Arguments for God Existence

Evidence for God Existence: List

Is it logical possible that a Maximally Great Being exists?

The argument sets out that things have explanations for there existence, either in necessity of its own being or in an external cause.

The argument is a first cause argument, but the cause leads us to arrive at some surprising conclusions of what a cause of the universe must be.

The teleological argument from the fine tuning of the universe, asks what is the best explanation of this 'fine tuning' either it is, chance, necessity or design! Which one is the best explanation?

Are our morals just a social-biological adaptation left us by evolution, thus subjective or is there an objective truth, even if we don't appreciate it?

If Jesus was a real historical person and what the gospels write about Him are true, it would be truly the greatest story ever told! it is evidence that demands a verdict! what will you decide?

A Christian response to the classical problem of evil

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